As experienced growers and exporters of fresh Kenyan herbs and spices, we understand that when it comes to good food, it all narrows down to aroma, texture, flavor, taste and color. A single dish could be prepared in 101 ways but the differentiating factor, the cutting edge, between one and the other is in its ability to not only satisfy the consumer but also leave them begging for more; we believe that this can be well achieved through spicing.

Spices and herbs not only improve the quality of food but also have immense health benefits to the body; some have antiviral and antibacterial elements containing vitamins and minerals that boost immunity. Different spices and herbs have different chemical composition that bring forth their own unique arousing qualities and this is the information that different chefs and cooks all around the world, regardless, consider when preparing food.

This great understanding of the importance of good quality spices and herbs is what has continuously pushed us to become outstanding exporters of spices and herbs from Kenya, a country rich in its agricultural attributes. Diverse climatic conditions provide different environments that facilitate growth of the spices and herbs.

Different farming techniques have also contributed to Kenya being a key producer in high quality spices and herbs.





We only export the best of Kenya spices and herbs, ever ready to ship to the world. Whether you want them today or tomorrow, via sea or air, Kenya Herbs and Spices is here to serve you.

Our services are worthwhile, our spices and herbs are of the highest quality possible!